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Friendship Kitchen Updates 2015

Nov 7th

What a day we had today!  1st Assembly of God fed 125 people a lunch of Belgian waffles, chicken, and fruit cup.  It was a beautiful day and people seemed to enjoy the menu change.

Nov 14th

We had 93 today at Friendship Kitchen.  Stidham Baptist fed them potato soup, French bread, and banana nut bread for dessert.  Except for the dairy products used (milk and cheese primarily) Janice Cook was able to get her entire menu from the Friendship Kitchen closet at God's helping Hands.  The cost today for Stidham was small.  That is what we are working towards accomplishing.

We have given away all the stocking caps from Canada and all the personal care items and snack items we have had on hand.  Those who give in this manner are a special part of our work.  Be sure and pray for them and ask God's blessing on their lives.  We need additional folks to help in this area.  Also please do not forget our corporate sponsor program.  Please contact David Hulick if you would like to help with this end of the ministry.

Please pray for North Fork Baptist Church as their team under new leadership takes the Kitchen next week.  We know they will do really well.

Nov 21st

North Fork Baptist served on the 21st of November and the new crew from North Fork did a fabulous job. They used food from the Friendship Kitchen Pantry at God's Helping Hands.  They had roast chicken, rolls, green beans, and pies for dessert.  Many of the items were purchased from the food bank for the kitchen and the costs were kept at a minimum for North Fork.  They served 105 people and for a cold Saturday we had a great turnout.


Nov 28th

Community Culture Church served on the 28th of November and they did their usual fine job.  They served cowboy stew with crackers and pies from the Friendship Kitchen Pantry.  Once again we are attempting to use the food bank to keep our member churches from laying out so much when they serve.  We have great amounts of chicken quarters that we were able to purchase for 19 cents per pound.  They are a bargain for our churches and for the people we serve.  I think that chicken and noodles made from this chicken would be a warming dish and one that would be welcomed by our folks. (just a thought)  We served 80 today as the rain and cold kept our folks who walk out of the weather.  Please pray for these ones who come to eat with us.  They are good folks and we are privileged to serve them.

We are out of hand out items and with the weather getting worse they are bigger needs than they were in the summer months.  Please pray concerning personal care products, easy to transport food items (mac&cheese, raman noodles, etc.)  I thank you for your interest in these people they are beginning to trust us more and that in turn lets us communicate with them about spiritual matters of eternal importance.  God is indeed good to us.  May this time of family holidays and pre Christmas celebration be wonderful for you and yours.  I am of all men most blessed to be able to count you as friends!

Please pray for St. Paul as they serve next week.  Stay warm!


December 6th, 2015 Newsletter

News from Sanctuary Outpost

Greetings from Sycamores Chapel in Checotah, Oklahoma!

          Sally and I are grateful that you are on our prayer and support team as we serve Jesus here at Sanctuary Outpost, the International division of CRMI.  It is unbelievable that the calendar has turned on November of 2015.  Soon we will be involved with the celebration of Jesus’ birthday and the final month of this year.  Time flies when you are involved in the business of the Lord, doesn’t it?

          November is the month that many of the CRMI RV chaplains rotate through on their way to their assignments in the southern destination states.  This past month, we had the privilege of hosting Chaplain Jay and Margaret Clason, Chaplain Rich and Kim Sterling, and Chaplain Elton and Liz Glenn as they rotated to their winter assignments.  It is always great to spend time with these dear servants of the Lord.  This month also saw Chaplain Jay Clason ordained to the Gospel ministry here at Sycamore Chapel, by a 100% vote of our church body. 

As you know, Sycamore Chapel is the local church plant associated with CRMI and the International division of CRMI, Sanctuary Outpost.  Sally and I are blessed to pastor this international church body and act as the division managers of Sanctuary Outpost.
We are kept busy with the various responsibilities we have. 

You can get a better feel for this work on our web site www.crmintl.org under both the Sanctuary Outpost page for international news and the Life Borders page speaking about Friendship Kitchen the local ministry Sally and I coordinate and also on the Facebook locations for Freshwater Church USVI and Landa Carnes. Terry and Marta Lansdale and Landa Carnes lead two of our international outreaches to the West Indies and Nicaragua.  These international chaplains are doing God’s work in difficult settings. It is a joy to work inter-denominationally in all that we do as chaplains. 
We thank you for praying, supporting, and participating with us as we serve.

          Sally and I were blessed to host sixteen ministry partners, family and Sycamores Chapel members here at Sycamores Chapel for the Thanksgiving holiday (US observance).  We had a time of prayer, celebration in song testimony and a wonderful dinner which Sally coordinated and all of the celebrants contributed to.  I guess you could call this an international Godly pot luck!  We have found joy in hosting and participating in these events.  It gives us an opportunity to celebrate with our family and friends with the emphasis being placed upon Jesus.  We were blessed by the spirit of worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are always saddened when this holiday passes. There is something wonderful about members of the Lord Jesus’ eternal family gathering in remembrance of Him.  It is a particular blessing to Sally and myself. 

May the coming preparation for celebration of the Lord Jesus’ birthday be a blessing to you and yours as we move into December!  Until the next update, we thank you for your interest in us and care for us.  We are humbled as we pray for each of our partners and ministry friends!  We ask you to pray for us as we pray for you!


Chaplains Dennis and Sally Maloney
International Managers

http://crmintl.org                                                                                                              sanctuary.outpost@gmail.com